5 Bhajans for Ramesh Balsekar

by Praful Mystik



"In 2001, life brought me to Mumbai, India to see an inspiring man and Advaita teacher: Ramesh Balsekar. I visited his Satsangs on most mornings for several weeks, where we also played and sang music before and after his talks. Some of the songs that were sung were Abhangas (Bhajans) in the local language (Marathi).
Some time later, one of Ramesh's friends, Mutribo, video-taped a series of conversations with Ramesh, which were released in 2003 on 7 VHS tapes under the title 'Let Life Flow'. For the intro and outro of these tapes, I was asked to make new arrangements of some of the Abhangas we used to sing. This release contains the 5 songs that I composed, arranged and recorded for this occasion. I don't think they are available anywhere else in the world, and some people have been asking for them. If you have been with Ramesh, I wish that they may reconnect you with the space you shared with him and his friends." Praful

More info on Ramesh: www.rameshbalsekar.com


released March 1, 2003

Praful - Vocals, Keyboards / Sudha - Vocals / Amura - Vocals / Afra Mussawisade - Ghatam, Kanjira, Percussion / Gil Lopez - Guitars, Electric Bass

Composed, arranged produced and recorded by Praful



all rights reserved


Praful Bergneustadt, Germany

Praful is a sax&flute player, producer, charismatic performer & pioneer in the world music community. He embraces Jazz, Soul, Dance, Chill, Indian and World Fusion with grace and passion. Praful's 8 solo albums garnered great international success, US- Billboard Chart notations and the #1 US-radio hit SIGH. He performs solo, with various collaborations and for events of Eckhart Tolle and others. ... more

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