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Into Being

by Praful

Om Gurudev Shri Gurudev Tasmai Shri Gurave Namaha
Om Eim Hrim Klim Chamundayei Vichei Namaha
Om Shree Dhana Lakshmiyei Namaha - Om Shree Vijaya Lakshmiyei Namaha
Om Shri Shanaishwaraya Swaha
Oushadhim Jahnavi Toyam Vaidyo Narayana Harihi
Oushadhim Jahnavi Toyam Vaidyo Narayana Harihi


Mantra Songs & Journeys -
restful, devotional music to heal and guide you Into Being

On his 8th solo album, the saxophonist/flutist/world music pioneer Praful surprises us with ancient, devotional Sanskrit Mantras - perhaps not so surprising when one knows that Praful composed many of the divine melodies sung by the renowned Mantra singer Deva Premal. On ‘Into Being’ Praful himself sings and plays deep, melodious Mantras for Mahalakshmi, Hanuman, the Guru, Feminine Confidence, Karma Transformation and Water Healing. Mostly composed in (for the genre) unusual song structure, they are blended and enriched with sublime, extended musical journeys. Guests include Indian singer/tabla player Manish Vyas, English singer Lucinda Drayton (Bliss), Cellist Jonathan Hugh, Danish singer Sudha, keyboarder Maneesh de Moor, world percussionist Afra Mussawisade and many more. A profound and touching musical experience that helps you heal and guides you Into Being.


released October 23, 2014

All music composed by Praful (copyright control), except Saving Mankind, composed by Praful & Afra Mussawisade (copyright control)

Produced by Praful & Vimal Gabrielsen
Recorded and mixed by Praful @ Skywalker Studio, DE
Mastered by Tom Meyer @ Master & Servant, Hamburg, DE
Cover Design by Vimal G. Gabrielsen / www.vimalgabrielsen.com
Photos by Praful, Vimal & Rene Dissel www.renedissel.com
Executive producer: Praful / Mystic Productions

Praful, in gratitude:
Thank you Vimal not only for the special artistic artwork, but above all for this journey of love and surrender together while creating and producing this music – thru all ups and downs, it was and is worth every moment of it; thank you to all the amazing gifted guest musicians who helped to manifest and polish this jewel; Danielle & Jeroen @ Heartfire, welcome in my life!; Guus & Tim @ Midi Amsterdam, always there when I need your tech support; Gunakar, Saeed & everybody @ Silenzio;
all you spirit people, friends, devotees, music aficionados, tantric lovers and Mantra singers around the world, thank you for inspiring and supporting me; Fatopia; Nico Bodewes; Tom Meyer & Katja @ Master & Servant; Serge @ SD Systems Instrument Microphones; Harsh Wardhan, Pratap Gujar & Madukar for the Bansuris; Hariprasad Chaurasia; Osho; Ramesh Balsekar; Isha, you are a pure ray of light and love and the greatest gift I have ever received.

Vimal, in gratitude:
I want to thank you, BuddhIsha, for showing me the way - with you the light within becomes as bright as a thousand suns. I bow down in gratitude to Praful, Meera, Dana, Chandra, all my family and friends - you are all such a blessing in my life, showering me with love when I most need it. You all bring me Into Being.

We dedicate this music to the raising of planetary consciousness


all rights reserved



Praful Bergneustadt, Germany

Praful is a master sound healer, multi-instrumentalist, singer, composer & producer. He amalgamates Shamanic power, Heart medicine, Indian sweetness, Mantra ecstasy, Jazz virtuosity, World rhythms and Meditative depth into his own unique blend of Sacred World Fusion. His 10 Solo albums and many collaborations garnered international success. His Bandcamp discography is the most complete on the net. ... more


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